Copenhaver Architecture: The Apex of Purpose and Play

It's not often we come across businesses who are as laser-focused in their purpose as Copenhaver Architecture.

When Todd Copenhaver approached us about developing and designing his brand, we were impressed to find he had really done a lot of the hard work for us. He outlined his ethos for us: to highlight the inherent uniqueness in every space with designs that unlock social interaction.

Copenhaver Brand

Boom. Just like that, his brand unfolded on its own. Often in the world of brand development, a company's proposition looks more like an intersection. That proved true with Todd and his mission for Copenhaver Architecture.

Copenhaver Business Cards

The Copenhaver Architecture brand lives where "purpose" and "play" meet. It's a promise of aesthetics, efficiency, and practicality, the hallmarks of not only architecture but all design disciplines. But it's also a tip of the hat to the sort of whimsy and plain ol' fun that's missing from most modern architecture.

Copenhaver Website

Find more at the Copenhaver Archtitecture website.