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Rock Out to Reno Tahoe.

We’ve had a lot of requests from our Stan Can friends and family to hear the “Rocker” radio spot we produced last year for the Reno Sparks Convention Visitors Authority.

The ad ran from June through September of 2012 throughout Northern California as a part of RSCVA’s “Find Your Passion” campaign and won Best in Show at the 2013 AAF Reno District Addy’s.

Stan Byers, president of Stan Can Design, said inspiration came from the live album version of AC/DC’s “Whole Lotta Rosie”.

“In the song you hear the crowd chanting ‘AC… DC… AC… DC’. I’ve always wanted to do a spot like that or even use that song in a spot,” said Stan. “I just thought it would be powerful to hear a crowd chant ‘Reno… Tahoe.”

We thought we’d take the time to share the “Rocker” spot and the RSCVA’s “Country Gal” spot from this year as well. Enjoy!

RSCVA_Rocker_Atlantis V3

RSCVA – Country – Final July_Aug

High Flying, High Tech Solutions

Recently, Stan Can Design™ completed a couple of TV spots and a longer format video for the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA). The objective was to showcase the very best of Reno/Tahoe while keeping a keen eye on the dollars. The longer version is featured above.

One of the challenges facing the RSCVA is that most folks share the perception that Reno is a suburb of Las Vegas. A smaller, less-fantastical Vegas.

In each spot, we challenge this common misunderstanding and show off northern Nevada’s high desert, purple mountains and lakes with the help of Google Maps. By creating a 3-D model using Google Earth Pro, we showcase the diverse ecology visitors can expect to experience within a day’s excursion in Reno/Tahoe. Just to be clear, Las Vegas was nowhere to be found. 453 miles away.

We stacked the cards in our favor by collaborating with Christopher Blanton and Bighorn Productions in Reno. Not only did they have a deep pool of high def, B-Roll footage already in the can, but they enlisted the help of a radio-controlled helicopter to get original, high-quality footage. With a licensed airline pilot at the helm, we filmed some amazing places in this area for tens of thousands of dollars less than it would cost to shoot traditionally. Luckily for the RSCVA and Stan Can Design, RC helicopters weren’t grounded by the FAA until well after we were done shooting. (And no, they weren’t grounded because of us.)

Stancan™ Design Wins “Best of Show, Print”

At the 2011 Addy Awards presented by AAF Reno, Stancan™ Design (aka “Stankin” for one brief evening) took home 15 Addy Awards, including four gold and Best of Show for DesignMatters. The work was commissioned by AIGA Reno/Tahoe for the annual event featuring AIGA medalist, Stephen Frykholm and a local designer chair competition. Design: Stan Byers, Kelly Wallis; Copy: Scott Mortimore.

Poster and Direct Mail

E-Blast and E-Signature



Artown wins two ADDY awards

Last year (and continuing this year) we were lucky to produce the promotional and design materials for Artown. We were especially fortunate to work with local illustrator/educator Zoltan Janvary who furnished the illustration that became the central image for all of the Artown festival communications.

Artown features more than 400 events, from over 100 presenters designed to inspire, and yes, to impress the 350,000 people that experience the festival annually.

We won a Gold ADDY award for the festival poster featured here. And we won a Silver ADDY award for the Artown Encore brand design. Click here to see some more of our thinking.

The ADDY’s love SPCA of Northern Nevada’s “Love life.”

The 2010 AAF Reno/Tahoe ADDY’s were held last Friday evening 03/04. One of the big winners at the show was the SPCA of Northern Nevada “Love life.”  brand launch campaign and its components. Stan Can + Mortimore Creative and SPCA won a total of 13 ADDY’s including Gold for the campaign. We are very proud of this work and suspect that you will see a lot of great stuff from SPCA in the near future.

You can see more here: