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Stan Can Design™ takes home two more awards.

daveyAwardsIt’s always nice when work we’re especially proud of gets some serious recognition. It’s even better when the awards have a little more meaning to them than “good job.” Our campaign elements for Artown 2013 and the Fag Diva™ logo were both recently awarded Davey Awards.

The Davey Awards represent excellence in marking communication from firms who excel through big ideas rather than big budgets. The Davey Awards award outstanding marketing tactics from smaller firms and agencies from across the nation, the “Davids” of creativity, they say.

“It’s nice to see how our work stacks up on the national level. We really appreciate what the Davey Awards stand for and we’re very proud to win on our clients behalf.” said Stan Byers, president of Stan Can Design™.

This is the fourth year in a row Stan Can Design™ has produced campaign elements for Artown. Artown’s mission is to strengthen Reno’s arts industry, and enhance its civic identity and national image by encouraging local artist participation and highlighting the best performers in northern Nevada.

Fag Diva™ was a project for our friend, Beth Luna. When she’s not practicing family law in Reno at The Luna Law Firm, Beth works to change the stigma following straight women with gay male best friends, or “fag hags”.

When Beth came to us with this idea of changing how women like her are viewed, she told us “I’m not a fag hag, I am a fag diva.” That’s when we hit our big, red easy buttons and got to work on logo design for the new brand.

Take a trip from fine art to fab logos and check out our award-winners!

Rock Out to Reno Tahoe.

We’ve had a lot of requests from our Stan Can friends and family to hear the “Rocker” radio spot we produced last year for the Reno Sparks Convention Visitors Authority.

The ad ran from June through September of 2012 throughout Northern California as a part of RSCVA’s “Find Your Passion” campaign and won Best in Show at the 2013 AAF Reno District Addy’s.

Stan Byers, president of Stan Can Design, said inspiration came from the live album version of AC/DC’s “Whole Lotta Rosie”.

“In the song you hear the crowd chanting ‘AC… DC… AC… DC’. I’ve always wanted to do a spot like that or even use that song in a spot,” said Stan. “I just thought it would be powerful to hear a crowd chant ‘Reno… Tahoe.”

We thought we’d take the time to share the “Rocker” spot and the RSCVA’s “Country Gal” spot from this year as well. Enjoy!

RSCVA_Rocker_Atlantis V3

RSCVA – Country – Final July_Aug

Fly In and Snap Your Photo.

On July 19, 2013 the RSCVA unveiled the new photo-booth airport display that the Reno Tahoe International Airport. RSCVA commissioned Stan Can Design™ to design the display.

The 7 x 6.5′ area acts as an informational and interactive area for visitors landing and flying out of the airport. Visitors can see full-spectrum what the area has to offer by way of video and printed materials. Visitors are also encouraged to take home a photo-souvenir taken inside the full-size airstream that doubles as a photobooth on the set of Hot August Nights.

“It’s high-profile. Everyone who checks a bag comes by here, and everyone who picks up an associate comes by here,” said Chris Baum, CEO of the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority. “We want to make sure we’re educating people.”

The exhibit also continuously shows two award-winning RSCVA destination videos and the 2013 RSCVA Ad Campaign completed by Stan Can Design™. True to their tagline, All Seasons-1000 Reasons, the creative ads advertise a myriad of Reno-Tahoe events and  highlights in hopes of stimulating return visits.

High Flying, High Tech Solutions

Recently, Stan Can Design™ completed a couple of TV spots and a longer format video for the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA). The objective was to showcase the very best of Reno/Tahoe while keeping a keen eye on the dollars. The longer version is featured above.

One of the challenges facing the RSCVA is that most folks share the perception that Reno is a suburb of Las Vegas. A smaller, less-fantastical Vegas.

In each spot, we challenge this common misunderstanding and show off northern Nevada’s high desert, purple mountains and lakes with the help of Google Maps. By creating a 3-D model using Google Earth Pro, we showcase the diverse ecology visitors can expect to experience within a day’s excursion in Reno/Tahoe. Just to be clear, Las Vegas was nowhere to be found. 453 miles away.

We stacked the cards in our favor by collaborating with Christopher Blanton and Bighorn Productions in Reno. Not only did they have a deep pool of high def, B-Roll footage already in the can, but they enlisted the help of a radio-controlled helicopter to get original, high-quality footage. With a licensed airline pilot at the helm, we filmed some amazing places in this area for tens of thousands of dollars less than it would cost to shoot traditionally. Luckily for the RSCVA and Stan Can Design, RC helicopters weren’t grounded by the FAA until well after we were done shooting. (And no, they weren’t grounded because of us.)

Come and Make it!

Without computers, cell phone reception, internet, egos, portfolios or freezing, gigantic, conference rooms, AIGA Austin’s Design Ranch lets you detach from the instant gratification of the world wide web and connectivity to the world by getting your hands dirty and reviving your creative spirit.

150 designers, developers, directors, educators and creatives alike were lucky enough to attend the well-known conference in the middle Hunt, TX, that quickly sold out this year.

Erin St. Pierre of St. Pierre, Jenna Hubert of KPS3 and I (Kelly) represented Reno at the 2012 Design Ranch, unbelievable by most. The general consensus of Reno was “The biggest little city? What do you even do there? Like you actually live there?”

Cell phone reception and 4G service went down about 2 miles outside of the ranch. Letting go of the tiny, black device we can’t seem to live without was going to be the first of many challenges at the ranch. Four days without instagram, Facebook, texts and important stuff like email and news.

Pulling up to Camp Waldemar set an overall tone for the week. Built by German rock mason Ferdinand Rehbeger, the buildings that make up the camp are beautifully constructed, with stones pulled right from land the camp sits on. Spacious green areas, lined with low hanging branches at the foot of the Guadalupe River. This wasn’t work and it sure wasn’t a conference.

Each day, an 8 am bugle call brought us from slumber into the dining hall and then we set off on our way to a day of 100% hands-on workshops cleverly named PAINTING MYTHS & LEGENDS, PRINT WITH IT!, AN EXQUISITE CORPSE FILM PROJECT, or BOOBS. WEENIES. (OH, AND SCREEN PRINTING.)

The challenge for me anyway, was learning to start and finish the creative process with paper and pencil, paint brush or a Diamond Sharpening Stones Combination tool.

I really had to tap into personal technical drawing skills. Learning how to redraw a square or triangle actually proved to be quite difficult. Watching others around me quickly assemble or draw their piece was also intimidating. The faster they seemed to work, the more was produced and seemingly more fun and creative the work was turning out. I had to turn off my brain and ego just a bit to really take advantage of the hands-on experience.

“During the first class, I couldn’t focus on what I wanted to do. I hadn’t fully grasped the concept of not overthinking and just creating. It was intimidating at first. But when I started getting to know everyone in the room, I realized that not everyone there was a designer. I started to relax and just make stuff. Which is what I love to do as a designer.” said Jenna.

Dirk Fowler said it best during his workshop, Print With It!. “Why aren’t you printing already?”

His question was posed just seconds after he made his 2 minute introduction.

“It took everyone a while to get into the pace and the energy of the class. Everyone strived for perfection with their first print and the Dirk would say something like “Okay we have three more hours, where’s your next one?” It was refreshing to know you could mess up and still walk away with a really cool print.” said Erin.

In what seemed like endless amounts of free time, we enjoyed laying in the sun, talking with workshop leaders and favorite designers, checking out the work in other workshops, paddling in the river and even horseback riding.

After night workshops, the three of us took a stab at two-step lessons, huddled around the campfire and danced the night away to Austin’s’ claim to fame, constant live music.

Design Work Life’s Courtney Dolloff said it best, “I think every attendee left with at least 30 new friends and something new to try. Our computer-induced tightness and burnt-out spots were healed by getting our hands dirty alongside respected peers and allowing our eyes to relax and take in open outdoor spaces.”

Check out Courtney’s in-depth daily blogs about life on the ranch here

You’ll even see a couple of people you may know if you look closely.