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A More Positive State: 2015 RSCVA Radio


When we designed this year’s RSCVA campaign, “Positively Electric”, the narrative of the print ads took on one of new nightlife, an evolving food scene, and craft beer industry that’s becoming it’s own excuse for a weekend away. The ads were lit up with bright smiles, brighter lights, and the brightest future any destination in the west has right now.

When it came time for radio, we shifted our focus from a place of electricity, to one of positivity. All those previously mentioned happenings that have Reno Tahoe USA on the up and up, combined with our classic world-class event schedule, make this town a haven of good vibes and happiness all year round. We wanted our radio spots, placed entirely in bustling, busy, overcrowded California markets, to bust through typical radio clutter and create a sense of longing for just one good weekend out of town.

Take out a yoga mat, find your center, put in some earbuds, and let these spots take you to your happy place.

Behind the Scenes: Reno Tahoe is Positively Electric

Another year, another campaign for the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority. Each spring marks the start of a new effort to let consumers outside of Reno Tahoe know what everyone who’s been here already knows: no matter what time of year, Reno Tahoe USA offers a world class destination experience.

This year, with the help of local visual studs, Jeff Dow Photography and FLF Films, we used the campaign as an opportunity to celebrate Reno’s revived nightlife. Starting at the award-winning St. James Brasserie and finishing in front of local favorite Midtown Eats, the campaign showcases the feeling of a night out in Midtown, twinkly lights and all.

Take a look through some of our behind the scenes shots, some photo selects, and the final version of the first ad in the campaign.






The Honorable Judge Byers

pdf_logo_colourAdd another to the list of award shows vying for Stan’s judging eye. Stan recently judged The Communicator Awards, honoring excellence in marketing and communications.


trophyStan is eligible to judge as a member of the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, an invitation only organization that selects only the top professionals in their industry. It’s a nice compliment and recognition, but it’s also a lot of responsibility, as Stan’s asked to uphold a certain standard of creative excellence.


With all this judging Stan’s doing, we’re hoping he doesn’t show up to work in black robes and a powdered wig on Monday.


You can check out the Communicator Awards online and see this year’s winner’s gallery.


Stan Byers to Receive the Thomas C. Wilson Lifetime Achievement Award

StanByers1Awards are not always a sign of success. Things like a client’s pride in their new logo are what tell us we’re doing something right. However, the gravity of certain awards cannot be denied and deserves to be celebrated.

We’re pleased to announce that AAF Reno will be honoring our own Stan Byers with the Thomas C. Wilson Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Ad People of the Year Awards Ceremony.


The award is given to those who “have made significant contributions to advertising, been active in furthering industry standards and creative excellence,” and they must have “shown a consistently high degree of excellence in the field over time, coupled with strong community involvement.”


Sound like anyone you know? So, to what does Stan owe his success?


“All I really did was show up to work every day,” Stan said. “This award recognizes all the great clients I’ve had, the great people and places that I’ve worked with, and my family. Without them, none of this happens.”


Even though we’re honoring the life of Stan’s career, he says he’s not headed out to pasture yet.


“It’s more exciting than it’s ever been,” Stan said, “and I’m truly enjoying doing great creative more than ever.”


The award will be presented to Stan during AAF Reno’s Ad People of the Year awards ceremony, June 24 at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino. The show is open to members and nonmembers alike, so come out and support Stan for this wonderful honor!


Stan Can Design™ takes home two more awards.

daveyAwardsIt’s always nice when work we’re especially proud of gets some serious recognition. It’s even better when the awards have a little more meaning to them than “good job.” Our campaign elements for Artown 2013 and the Fag Diva™ logo were both recently awarded Davey Awards.

The Davey Awards represent excellence in marking communication from firms who excel through big ideas rather than big budgets. The Davey Awards award outstanding marketing tactics from smaller firms and agencies from across the nation, the “Davids” of creativity, they say.

“It’s nice to see how our work stacks up on the national level. We really appreciate what the Davey Awards stand for and we’re very proud to win on our clients behalf.” said Stan Byers, president of Stan Can Design™.

This is the fourth year in a row Stan Can Design™ has produced campaign elements for Artown. Artown’s mission is to strengthen Reno’s arts industry, and enhance its civic identity and national image by encouraging local artist participation and highlighting the best performers in northern Nevada.

Fag Diva™ was a project for our friend, Beth Luna. When she’s not practicing family law in Reno at The Luna Law Firm, Beth works to change the stigma following straight women with gay male best friends, or “fag hags”.

When Beth came to us with this idea of changing how women like her are viewed, she told us “I’m not a fag hag, I am a fag diva.” That’s when we hit our big, red easy buttons and got to work on logo design for the new brand.

Take a trip from fine art to fab logos and check out our award-winners!