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Bennett Peji Business Card

Here is another one of my favorite business cards, with a contemporary update. The first card I received from Bennett Peji at the HOW Design Conference in 1999. The studio tours that year raided his home. (There was a bit of a misunderstanding.) Imagine 30-40 designers showing up at your front door asking for a tour of your “studio” and the location is your home. Bennett was extremely gracious and calm under the pressure. He really sold me on the idea of being an AIGA member by his example that day.

This card is printed one side, 1C Metallic Silver on FOX River Confetti Midnight something or other (not sure if they still produce it). The special die-cut is memorable and quite a conversation starter.





Peji gave me another business card 10 years later at the AIGA leadership retreat in Portland, OR. This is a great example of keeping true to the original design while adding some new important information.

This card is printed two sided, 1 C Black, letterpress, on Neenah Eames – Weave, Tivoli Green 80lb. cover and finally, manually duplexed. I am super stoked I was able to sleuth this one out! Bennett tell me if I am wrong.




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