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TypeWalk 2013 Poster

TypeWalk2013_RenoTahoe_Dynagraphic_FGet your limited edition 2013 TypeWalk Poster featuring the eclectic typography of Reno’s Midtown district. Printing by Digiprint Printing. The poster measures 13×19″, delivered unframed.

Measures 13x19"


If you attended the TypeWalk in July 2013, you do not have to purchase a poster. Please email to arrange a pick up.

Posters will be available for sale at AIGA’s upcoming events.

Printing sponsored by:
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Stan Can Design™ is Feeling Warm and Fuzzy


We take every opportunity to send out reminders to our friends, family, and clients that we are still thinking of them. Valentines Day is far from different, and in true Stan Can Design™ fashion we wanted to do something unexpected and special.

Remember when Valentines Day wasn’t about all that gooey, sticky love stuff? We’re talking way back, like single digit grade school days. Valentines Day was actually about, you know, valentines. And candy, no one that age forgot about the candy .

Valentines are those cheap, crappy perforated sheets of Spiderman pictures that say things like “Wishing you a sense-tingling Valentine’s Day.” It didn’t matter if the boys in class were more into Hot Wheels, or the other girls were high on the life and times of Polly Pocket, they got the valentine that defined you that year. At the end of the day, the paper bag taped to the back of your chair was full of little, cheesy notes that represented each and every classmate.

It’s time to channel that original, fun nature of Valentines day again. This year, everyone helped design and write their very own unique valentine on a perforated sheet. Each valentine is sillier and cheesier than the next, but is somehow related to each member of Stan Can Design™. Whether they represent our heritage, hobbies, or lifestyles, each is intended to put a smile on your face and to be shared with the people you love.

These cards could have easily been mass emailed to everyone we could think of. But it wouldn’t have been as fun when you were a kid, so it’s definitely not as fun now. These are meant to be tangible pieces of delight to pass around or prop on your desk.

Check out our valentines and try to guess who’s who.
And this Valentines Day treat yourself to a piece of chocolate and tell someone you love them.



Stan Joins Reno’s Mightiest Heroes of Advertising

Every year, AAF Reno does something special for the Addy’s. The coolest part is it always features the leaders and characters of the regional advertising community. Last year, the theme was Tinsel Town, and featured half reality, half Hollywood portraits of some of Reno’s most recognized faces in the creative community, including our very own Kelly Wallis and her Catwoman alter ego.

On that note, the year of 2013 saw the box offices dominated by the super-powered, more so than usual. Staying culturally relevant, this year’s Addys is called “Reno Advengers”, and features none other than resident Stan Can Design™ super-designer and power-president Stan Byers.

Equipped with a quiver of paintbrushes, among other things, Byers seems to be portraying a Hawkeye/Green Arrow crossover and looks pretty darn good in a green hood and wrist bracers. Check out the cloaked cameo below, and visit AAFReno.comto keep up to date on this year’s Addy calendar of events and submissions.


The Great Wall of Designa

Ever since Stan Can Design™ relocated to 515 Plumas St, we heard it. Hypnotic, trance-like, and repetitively, Stan Byers, president of Stan Can Design™, has always said “We’re going to put up a metal wall there.” That phrase eventually turned into “Once we put the wall up here,” which then became “I have always wanted a wall put in there.” The longer and longer we inhabited our space on Plumas, the less and less the wall seemed imminent.


Fast forward to December 2013, where a holiday party and an rsvp list of more than 50 people spurred things into action. The wall, which is 13 panels of sheet metal, was expertly installed by our friends Dean Whitlock and Michael Butner. A black metal Stan Can Design™ cross sits to the left center while our tagline, “Powerful, Intelligent, Timeless,” runs up the right side.


The great thing about the wall is that it makes our office feel less like the house it was built as and more like the design shop it’s become. Not to fear though, we’re not getting all hoity toity on all of you. Just because it’s a shiny metal wall doesn’t make it exempt from holding up our recent work and any thoughts that spill onto paper. But now those thoughts look cooler.


Way cooler.

Watson Rounds Presents ‘Fables of Law’

Working with Watson Rounds was a great opportunity to do some traditional advertising work from the ground up. Watson Rounds knew who they were as a company – a boutique intellectual properties and business litigation firm that embodies quality, not quantity. “Smaller is better,” was our constant mental motto, and it was on repeat.

The word that kept coming up in our brainstorming sessions was “reward.” We wanted our creative to be something you didn’t expect to see once you turned the page. Creative that’s not just another stinking ad, but something that rewarded the reader if they spent a minute reading it.

But we had an elephant in the room. IP law and business litigation isn’t common talk and it can be overwhelming. We had to have a more interesting lead into the conversation, something that could make people interested about the subject matter.

“Quality over quantity” is a moral, and just about every moral we can think of comes from Aesop’s fables. After a little research, we crafted stories from several of Aesop’s best that make Watson Rounds not a character in the tale, but the moral of the tale itself. From there, we added hand-drawn pencil illustrations and classic bordering and typefaces. These “ads” ended up looking like they were cut from a leather-bound book you read as a kid, not Corporate Counsel magazine.

What we realized is how the basic morals of Aesop’s tales still exist today, and how many can be found in the positioning statements of most companies without that company even knowing. It also didn’t hurt that Mike Rounds, a founding partner of the firm, coincidentally happened to be a huge Aesop fan himself.

The moral of this story, is how you can take a subject as dry as business litigation and craft something that’s powerful, timeless, and intelligent.

Check out the fables below and visit Watson Rounds for any IP law and business litigation needs.