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Watson Rounds Presents ‘Fables of Law’

Working with Watson Rounds was a great opportunity to do some traditional advertising work from the ground up. Watson Rounds knew who they were as a company – a boutique intellectual properties and business litigation firm that embodies quality, not quantity. “Smaller is better,” was our constant mental motto, and it was on repeat.

The word that kept coming up in our brainstorming sessions was “reward.” We wanted our creative to be something you didn’t expect to see once you turned the page. Creative that’s not just another stinking ad, but something that rewarded the reader if they spent a minute reading it.

But we had an elephant in the room. IP law and business litigation isn’t common talk and it can be overwhelming. We had to have a more interesting lead into the conversation, something that could make people interested about the subject matter.

“Quality over quantity” is a moral, and just about every moral we can think of comes from Aesop’s fables. After a little research, we crafted stories from several of Aesop’s best that make Watson Rounds not a character in the tale, but the moral of the tale itself. From there, we added hand-drawn pencil illustrations and classic bordering and typefaces. These “ads” ended up looking like they were cut from a leather-bound book you read as a kid, not Corporate Counsel magazine.

What we realized is how the basic morals of Aesop’s tales still exist today, and how many can be found in the positioning statements of most companies without that company even knowing. It also didn’t hurt that Mike Rounds, a founding partner of the firm, coincidentally happened to be a huge Aesop fan himself.

The moral of this story, is how you can take a subject as dry as business litigation and craft something that’s powerful, timeless, and intelligent.

Check out the fables below and visit Watson Rounds for any IP law and business litigation needs.


The Pray for Snow Store is Now Online!

The Pray for Snow store  is now online! We understand your feet are probably covered in blisters from all the snow dances, so we found some slightly less taxing ways to #prayforsnow.

Items in the store consist of posters in two different sizes that are the perfect center piece for your closet snow shrines and decals to make your gas guzzler into a hopeful snow plower.

If you’re thinking of taking off your shirt and waving it above your head at the top of a mountain, make sure it’s one of our super softjersey-cotton tees for bonus points. They’re made in America and come in two regular size colors and one tall-tee color.

While snow is awesome, numb ears are not, so cover that head of yours in one of our flex-fit beanies. They’re hand-washable, super comfy, and hypoallergenic.

Considering the impressive amounts of quality snow the Sierra has seen this winter, these additions couldn’t have come at a better time. Clearly, the snow deities are not happy with us, so it’s time to take your prayer game to the next level. Represent your love, and don’t forget to hashtag #prayforsnow on Twitter.

RSCVA 2013 Campaign

We at Stan Can Design™ are not only passionate about great creative, but we’re passionate about our community. On a larger scale, that means we love Reno Tahoe USA and we’d pinch its cheeks if we could. We imagine one is dusty and dry, the other is frigid and wet.

We know we’re not the only ones who are passionate about this area. How could we be? Reno Tahoe USA has hundreds of things to do that satisfy just as many lifestyles. This mantra was at the core of the RSCVA’s 2013 campaign.

The campaign’s objective was show people that Reno was a place for everyone and everything. The tagline “Find your passion,” is a challenge to viewers. It’s a calling to discover what makes them go, and to use Reno Tahoe USA as the fuel.

Our outdoor messaging was direct and simple, presenting two different characters enjoying two very different lifestyles, bound by the tagline. Our print concept expanded on that visually, displaying beautiful settings that define Reno Tahoe USA.

The star of the show was radio. Expanding on the 2012 “Rocker” spot, 2013’s Find Your Passion spot paid a little extra tribute to the northern Nevada area with the “Country Gal”. With some top notch voice acting, amazing production from Spinnaker Sound, and on point script writing from our friend Scott Mortimore , the spot was a more than respectful encore to 2012’s award winner. Listen here. 

Check out our work for RSCVA below, visit their website for news and events in the Reno Tahoe area, and keep an eye out for more passionate stuff this year.

The Luna Law Firm Gets Jolly

Around this time of year, Stan Can Design™ gets more than enough requests for holiday party invites and cards. It’s something that’s part of the industry, but some clients can make the experience more refreshing than the norm.


We’ve worked with Beth Luna on her award-winning brand, Fag Diva™ and her personal wedding invitation package, so we know she was more than willing to have fun with us and make the experience enjoyable. This year, Beth commissioned us for invites to her holiday party (which had some pretty rockin’ cheese plates) and for holiday cards for her business, The Luna Law Firm.


Beth was very clear with what she wanted, but still allowed us to have a good time concepting the copy and design. When we discussed her holiday party invites, the term she repeated to us was “classy”. She wanted to maintain a slight air of sophistication but still let people know they would be getting all kinds of jolly. The answer was some smart copy picked up by delightful and seasonal design.


For her holiday cards, she kept mentioning her desire to use the scales of justice as a visual. Luckily, being good has more than a little relevance to the holidays so we were able to work out the right copy to make the scales happen.

Check out the work below, take a look back at our work on the Fag Diva™ logo, and give Beth’s website a visit for any family law needs.

The Right Guy For The Job – Stan Judges The W3 Awards

w3_gold_statueIf there’s one thing a career creative director can do, it’s critique. So who better to judge this year’s W3 Awards than the president of Stan Can Design™, Stan Byers?

This is Stan’s 6th year judging the W3 Awards and, for him, it’s a chance to diversify his creative outlook.

“Judging helps me get a global view on creative. I get to see work from all over the country, from firms of different sizes and shapes,” said Stan. “Being a judge keeps me open minded and it makes me a better creative myself.”

The W3 Awards honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, videos and marketing programs. The W3 is the first major web competition to be accessible to agencies and firms of all sizes. Small firms are as likely to win as Fortune 500 companies and international agencies.

The W3 is sanctioned and judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts. The IAVA is a membership-based, invitation only organization of leading professionals from various disciplines of the visual arts dedicated to embracing progress and the evolving nature of traditional and interactive media.

This isn’t the first awards show Stan’s been asked to judge. He’s judged a number of advertising’s top awards programs, including the AAF ADDYs, the Daveys, the E.A.R. Awards, and the TELLYS.

So what’s it take for creative to get a gold star sticker from Stan? Jealousy, apparently.

“If it makes me wish I did it,” said Stan. “Or it makes me see their product in a different light. But jealousy is definitely the number one reason.”

Check out the W3 Awards and see some of the work that’s setting the web alight.