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The Office is Getting Smaller

Brian Mann
Stan Can Design™ is proud to welcome copywriter Brian Mann, recent University of Nevada, Reno graduate, to work together with its creative team. He brings a fresh approach to design and  advertising as the firm’s in-house writer. “By adding a writer like Brian to our team, we continue to evolve as a design firm. I appreciate the enthusiasm and the perspective he has brought to the table so far,” said Stan Byers. Read his full bio here.


Stan Can Design™ announces Pray For Snow

Remember your first romp through a patch of snow? It wasn’t life-altering or mind-blowing but…it was definitely more than just a fun time. Then you’d wait through the eventual spring and summer months, and come fall you’d start getting this little itch that could only be satisfied by the sight of that frosty vapor.

Each year, you’d feel that itch earlier and earlier until it was official — snow season was now your favorite season. What wouldn’t you do to see the mountains, the landscape, and your backyard blanketed by snowflakes.

Everyone here at Stan Can Design™ has experienced this, and we’re looking to evolve that little itch into full-blown hype. That’s why we’re very happy to announce the Pray for Snow campaign for the 2013-2014 season.

Pray for Snow is an ongoing community celebration of northern Nevada and the surrounding area’s love for snow. At Stan Can Design™, we want to foster an online platform where users can connect over a mutual adoration of everything snow and share in the excitement of the season.

Using the hashtag #prayforsnow, community members can contribute their quirks, superstitions, and prayers they use to make snow fall. Did you sacrifice your tan this year and boycott the beach? Have you already picked out the outfit for your season pass photo? Be as unique and creative as possible, and that means more than just prayers. Tag photos, recipes, places that serve an extra-satisfying cup of cocoa, and anything that acknowledges the glory of snow.

“At first this was about the hardcore, everyday skiers and snowboarders,” said Stan Byers, president of Stan Can Design™. “But we wanted to pull back a bit. It needs to be about everybody, the kid who bites into a snowball or the family that builds a snowman together.”

Stan Can Design™ is posting flyers, passing out handbills, and slapping stickers throughout the community – be on the lookout for the heavenly mittens.

So, when you store your skis, do they always point north? Have you already collected the best snowman arms from your yard? Then get in on the snowy sermon. Visit or @PrayFor_Snow and start praying.

Stan Can Design™ takes home two more awards.

daveyAwardsIt’s always nice when work we’re especially proud of gets some serious recognition. It’s even better when the awards have a little more meaning to them than “good job.” Our campaign elements for Artown 2013 and the Fag Diva™ logo were both recently awarded Davey Awards.

The Davey Awards represent excellence in marking communication from firms who excel through big ideas rather than big budgets. The Davey Awards award outstanding marketing tactics from smaller firms and agencies from across the nation, the “Davids” of creativity, they say.

“It’s nice to see how our work stacks up on the national level. We really appreciate what the Davey Awards stand for and we’re very proud to win on our clients behalf.” said Stan Byers, president of Stan Can Design™.

This is the fourth year in a row Stan Can Design™ has produced campaign elements for Artown. Artown’s mission is to strengthen Reno’s arts industry, and enhance its civic identity and national image by encouraging local artist participation and highlighting the best performers in northern Nevada.

Fag Diva™ was a project for our friend, Beth Luna. When she’s not practicing family law in Reno at The Luna Law Firm, Beth works to change the stigma following straight women with gay male best friends, or “fag hags”.

When Beth came to us with this idea of changing how women like her are viewed, she told us “I’m not a fag hag, I am a fag diva.” That’s when we hit our big, red easy buttons and got to work on logo design for the new brand.

Take a trip from fine art to fab logos and check out our award-winners!

Hunter & Company’s New Logo

At Stan Can Design™ we make listening to clients our top priority. It’s important that the client acknowledges we understand their issues and desires and that we provide a personal experience for them.

However, often times what the client desires doesn’t exactly solve their dilemma. It takes our experience and knowledge to steer their ship in the right direction, and from there they’re free to reach their full potential as a business. That’s exactly what happened with our client, Hunter Compo

She runs Hunter & Company, an event planning and design business based in Lake Tahoe, California, owned by Hunter Compo. From corporate events to weddings, Hunter & Company can deliver a professional, detailed and timely event experience.

“I met Hunter at the Hunter & Company launch party at Truckee River Winery over this past summer,” said Kelly Wallis, designer at Stan Can Design™. “She expressed to me that she was unhappy with some previous logo and branding work, and we connected from there.”

Our design team used mood boards to pinpoint the feel that Hunter & Co.’s creative should exude. We designed one mood board based around what Hunter told us she wanted, and a separate mood board based on a direction we thought was best for her business. She immediately felt a connection with our advised look and feel.

Stan Can Design™ produced business cards, envelopes, stamps, an email signature, and all the other necessary branding materials for a successful event planning service.

Take a look below at some samples of our work for Hunter & Company. If you like what you see, visit or follow Hunter on Facebook to see just how much she likes her new brand!

Rock Out to Reno Tahoe.

We’ve had a lot of requests from our Stan Can friends and family to hear the “Rocker” radio spot we produced last year for the Reno Sparks Convention Visitors Authority.

The ad ran from June through September of 2012 throughout Northern California as a part of RSCVA’s “Find Your Passion” campaign and won Best in Show at the 2013 AAF Reno District Addy’s.

Stan Byers, president of Stan Can Design, said inspiration came from the live album version of AC/DC’s “Whole Lotta Rosie”.

“In the song you hear the crowd chanting ‘AC… DC… AC… DC’. I’ve always wanted to do a spot like that or even use that song in a spot,” said Stan. “I just thought it would be powerful to hear a crowd chant ‘Reno… Tahoe.”

We thought we’d take the time to share the “Rocker” spot and the RSCVA’s “Country Gal” spot from this year as well. Enjoy!

RSCVA_Rocker_Atlantis V3

RSCVA – Country – Final July_Aug