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Bicycleray™ Logo Series: Finale

Ray has decided on a logo and color combo! In his original request, Ray sent us an image of Chip, perched in the wheel of his bike. This was Chip’s favorite place to relax and take in the scenery in Ray’s bike garage. So, we did exactly that, perched him in the wheel!

The typeface used in the logo is Metro Script by Michael Doret.
We can’t wait until his personalized truck is finished, up and running and visiting you!

Bicycleray™ Logo Series: Part Three

So, in Part Three of the Bicycleray™ Logo Series, we’ve got Chip going. Craig’s hand is probably bleeding at this point! He’s done over 150 “Chip” illustrations to show his diversity. Pretty impressive.

We’ve included as part of this series our process, sketch, sketch and more sketching. Then computer production, maybe, if your sketches are complete. We usually choose 10-15 sketches to comp on the computer, see where that development takes the logo and then refine until there are only 3-4. We also design in black only for the first few revisions. As you probably already know, if it doesn’t work in black, it doesn’t work.

Bicycleray™ Logo Series: Part Two

Stan Can Design™ employed the help of Craig Duerksen of TMCC to develop the character of Chip, Bicycleray’s iconic bird. Below are just just a few of the hundreds of sketches he came up with for parrotlet. bicycleray sketch

Bicycleray development

bicycleray eye

Bicycleray™ Logo Series: Part One

This week, Stan Can Design™ was given the challenge of developing a logo around “Chip”. Chip is a parrotlet, a small bird part of a group of the smallest New World parrot species. Here is the picture that Chip’s owner, Ray sent over for inspiration. Check back in a couple days for the latest installment in this series.


High Flying, High Tech Solutions

Recently, Stan Can Design™ completed a couple of TV spots and a longer format video for the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA). The objective was to showcase the very best of Reno/Tahoe while keeping a keen eye on the dollars. The longer version is featured above.

One of the challenges facing the RSCVA is that most folks share the perception that Reno is a suburb of Las Vegas. A smaller, less-fantastical Vegas.

In each spot, we challenge this common misunderstanding and show off northern Nevada’s high desert, purple mountains and lakes with the help of Google Maps. By creating a 3-D model using Google Earth Pro, we showcase the diverse ecology visitors can expect to experience within a day’s excursion in Reno/Tahoe. Just to be clear, Las Vegas was nowhere to be found. 453 miles away.

We stacked the cards in our favor by collaborating with Christopher Blanton and Bighorn Productions in Reno. Not only did they have a deep pool of high def, B-Roll footage already in the can, but they enlisted the help of a radio-controlled helicopter to get original, high-quality footage. With a licensed airline pilot at the helm, we filmed some amazing places in this area for tens of thousands of dollars less than it would cost to shoot traditionally. Luckily for the RSCVA and Stan Can Design, RC helicopters weren’t grounded by the FAA until well after we were done shooting. (And no, they weren’t grounded because of us.)