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Stan Can Design™ takes home two more awards.

daveyAwardsIt’s always nice when work we’re especially proud of gets some serious recognition. It’s even better when the awards have a little more meaning to them than “good job.” Our campaign elements for Artown 2013 and the Fag Diva™ logo were both recently awarded Davey Awards.

The Davey Awards represent excellence in marking communication from firms who excel through big ideas rather than big budgets. The Davey Awards award outstanding marketing tactics from smaller firms and agencies from across the nation, the “Davids” of creativity, they say.

“It’s nice to see how our work stacks up on the national level. We really appreciate what the Davey Awards stand for and we’re very proud to win on our clients behalf.” said Stan Byers, president of Stan Can Design™.

This is the fourth year in a row Stan Can Design™ has produced campaign elements for Artown. Artown’s mission is to strengthen Reno’s arts industry, and enhance its civic identity and national image by encouraging local artist participation and highlighting the best performers in northern Nevada.

Fag Diva™ was a project for our friend, Beth Luna. When she’s not practicing family law in Reno at The Luna Law Firm, Beth works to change the stigma following straight women with gay male best friends, or “fag hags”.

When Beth came to us with this idea of changing how women like her are viewed, she told us “I’m not a fag hag, I am a fag diva.” That’s when we hit our big, red easy buttons and got to work on logo design for the new brand.

Take a trip from fine art to fab logos and check out our award-winners!

Hunter & Company’s New Logo

At Stan Can Design™ we make listening to clients our top priority. It’s important that the client acknowledges we understand their issues and desires and that we provide a personal experience for them.

However, often times what the client desires doesn’t exactly solve their dilemma. It takes our experience and knowledge to steer their ship in the right direction, and from there they’re free to reach their full potential as a business. That’s exactly what happened with our client, Hunter Compo

She runs Hunter & Company, an event planning and design business based in Lake Tahoe, California, owned by Hunter Compo. From corporate events to weddings, Hunter & Company can deliver a professional, detailed and timely event experience.

“I met Hunter at the Hunter & Company launch party at Truckee River Winery over this past summer,” said Kelly Wallis, designer at Stan Can Design™. “She expressed to me that she was unhappy with some previous logo and branding work, and we connected from there.”

Our design team used mood boards to pinpoint the feel that Hunter & Co.’s creative should exude. We designed one mood board based around what Hunter told us she wanted, and a separate mood board based on a direction we thought was best for her business. She immediately felt a connection with our advised look and feel.

Stan Can Design™ produced business cards, envelopes, stamps, an email signature, and all the other necessary branding materials for a successful event planning service.

Take a look below at some samples of our work for Hunter & Company. If you like what you see, visit or follow Hunter on Facebook to see just how much she likes her new brand!

Rock Out to Reno Tahoe.

We’ve had a lot of requests from our Stan Can friends and family to hear the “Rocker” radio spot we produced last year for the Reno Sparks Convention Visitors Authority.

The ad ran from June through September of 2012 throughout Northern California as a part of RSCVA’s “Find Your Passion” campaign and won Best in Show at the 2013 AAF Reno District Addy’s.

Stan Byers, president of Stan Can Design, said inspiration came from the live album version of AC/DC’s “Whole Lotta Rosie”.

“In the song you hear the crowd chanting ‘AC… DC… AC… DC’. I’ve always wanted to do a spot like that or even use that song in a spot,” said Stan. “I just thought it would be powerful to hear a crowd chant ‘Reno… Tahoe.”

We thought we’d take the time to share the “Rocker” spot and the RSCVA’s “Country Gal” spot from this year as well. Enjoy!

RSCVA_Rocker_Atlantis V3

RSCVA – Country – Final July_Aug

October is the time to Create.Explore.Discover

As morning temperatures begin to drop and October gets closer, we’re getting excited for a lot of things here at Stan Can Design™. Besides layering and ski days, the weekend of October 18-20, 2013, is the third annual Create Explore Discover Art Retreat in Truckee, California.

Many of us have artistic hobbies that we wish we could spend more of our time doing, but the stresses and constraints of providing for ourselves and our families tend to take priority. Create Explore Discover provides a special retreat that allows women to devote three full days to indulge in their craft and themselves.

This is the second consecutive year Sarah Stevenson, founder of Create Explore Discover, has hired Stan Can Design to create promotional materials and help market the event through public relations. For the event, we designed handbills and posters that were distributed to the community and local businesses.

“Being creatives ourselves, it’s always awesome when we can work with and promote a client that is all about stimulating creativity,” said Stan Byers, president of Stan Can Design™. “The idea of escaping screens and schedules for a whole weekend and using your hands to make something needs to be encouraged more, so we’re always happy to support Sarah and Create Explore Discover.”

This year features a variety of classes taught by professional artists of different crafts. Participants can pick and choose their classes for a unique experience. Days and events are as follows:

Saturday, Oct 19 (9am – 12pm)
Mati McDonough: Daring Adventures in Paint – Creating a Lush Background
Anne Weil: Sweetest Custom Crochet Pillowcase
Alessandra Cave: Supernatural Portraits – Capturing Natural Light and Beauty in Portraits

Saturday, Oct 19 (1pm – 4pm)
Mati McDonough: Daring Adventures in Paint – Making a Patchwork Collage
Anne Weil: Chunky Mitten Mania
Alessandra Cave: Your Camera is Your Friend – How to get the most out of your camera

Sunday, Oct 20 (9am – 12pm)
Mati McDonough: Daring Adventures in Paint – Adding Imagery to a Painting
Anne Weil: Funky Outline Embroidery Art
Alessandra Cave: Your Life in Stories – Telling Your Story One Picture at a Time

The Create Explore Discover Art Retreat is the ideal getaway for hobbyists with blacked out calendars or the perfect way to treat a creative significant other (that ‘s a hint to all of the men reading).

The Create Explore Discover Art Retreat is now accepting both weekend and day pass registration. The cost is $750.00 for the weekend, $200.00 for Saturday, October 19 and $150.00 for Sunday, October 20. For more information and to register visit

Fly In and Snap Your Photo.

On July 19, 2013 the RSCVA unveiled the new photo-booth airport display that the Reno Tahoe International Airport. RSCVA commissioned Stan Can Design™ to design the display.

The 7 x 6.5′ area acts as an informational and interactive area for visitors landing and flying out of the airport. Visitors can see full-spectrum what the area has to offer by way of video and printed materials. Visitors are also encouraged to take home a photo-souvenir taken inside the full-size airstream that doubles as a photobooth on the set of Hot August Nights.

“It’s high-profile. Everyone who checks a bag comes by here, and everyone who picks up an associate comes by here,” said Chris Baum, CEO of the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority. “We want to make sure we’re educating people.”

The exhibit also continuously shows two award-winning RSCVA destination videos and the 2013 RSCVA Ad Campaign completed by Stan Can Design™. True to their tagline, All Seasons-1000 Reasons, the creative ads advertise a myriad of Reno-Tahoe events and  highlights in hopes of stimulating return visits.