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Bennett Peji Business Card

Here is another one of my favorite business cards, with a contemporary update. The first card I received from Bennett Peji at the HOW Design Conference in 1999. The studio tours that year raided his home. (There was a bit of a misunderstanding.) Imagine 30-40 designers showing up at your front door asking for a tour of your “studio” and the location is your home. Bennett was extremely gracious and calm under the pressure. He really sold me on the idea of being an AIGA member by his example that day.

This card is printed one side, 1C Metallic Silver on FOX River Confetti Midnight something or other (not sure if they still produce it). The special die-cut is memorable and quite a conversation starter.





Peji gave me another business card 10 years later at the AIGA leadership retreat in Portland, OR. This is a great example of keeping true to the original design while adding some new important information.

This card is printed two sided, 1 C Black, letterpress, on Neenah Eames – Weave, Tivoli Green 80lb. cover and finally, manually duplexed. I am super stoked I was able to sleuth this one out! Bennett tell me if I am wrong.




Barbie’s card

I “found” this card (probably in 1987) rooting through the “Leave Your Business Card Here for a Free Lunch” bowl. Man, this is a weird and very cool card. After all of these years, I still don’t know exactly what to make of it. Is it a calling card? Is Barbie a lady of the evening? I never had the guts to call the phone number and I have never run across one similar.

It was a very expensive card to produce, at least for an individual. It’s printed on a very fine, soft, heavy cotton sheet with a gold, foil stamped muli-level sculpted die. Barbie is printed offset in a solid red ink (PMS 485?) and the phone number is blue BIC pen.

NOTE: If you left your business card in the Free Lunch bowl in the mid 1980’s at Bailey’s Cafe in Reno, NV and it was pretty cool or interesting, the chances are pretty slim that you won. It is probably in my collection. If it shows up here on our Blog let me know and I will buy you lunch. But Barbie, please, let’s leave it a mystery.

Lou Dorfsman’s Card

Quite while ago I attended the ADAC conference in Sacramento (maybe 1995?) and the Keynote speaker was Lou Dorfman. I have his business card here as proof. Proof that the I am a total design nerd and nothing will stop me from asking a design legend for their business card.

This is the beginning of a series of posts sharing some of my favorites from my business card collection.

Story goes—We were standing in the Men’s room in front of the urinals and he said to me “Quite a trip taking a leak right next to Lou Dorfsman?”, I guess the my fandom was showing. After washing our hands I asked him for his business card. He seemed quite impressed that I did (I guess not a lot of us business card collectors out there?) he even offered to take me to lunch.

I’ll never forget that it was his 75th birthday and he choose to spend it at a Design Conference 3000 miles from home and spent a little bit of time with me. I suspect he had a bit of design nerd in him too.

Lou’s card is printed one side, 1 color engraving on a light cover weight cotton sheet. It was considered inelegant back in the day to have a thick card. He said that his partner Harry Zelenko did the hand-lettering. Holy crap!  look at it here enlarged: