Better Green Building Company

When Better Building Company approached Stan Can Design™, they didn’t know exactly who they were or what they wanted to be. They needed direction and a fresh outlook about their business that would evoke confidence from their current and potential clients.

When it was time to solidify the name, experience has taught us that most good ideas are simple.E=MC2, Target and Better Green.

Renaming the company Better Green embodies this. Naturally, we condense the familiar and the things we love with nicknames and acronyms. The main idea of the brand design was to step out of the way and let it quickly read Better Green. After the redesign, Nicole Altmann Kobs said, “We weren’t sure about the new company direction until Stan showed us the designs and brought it to life.” When Stan Can Design revealed the potential of the new brand to Better Building Company they were able to embrace who they were.


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