Kelly is an optimist.

This is apparent in her fresh approach to design and her enthusiasm to constantly learn and develop new skills. She is a believer that creativity manifests itself through everyday life, and the more experiences you have with the world, the better your design. Kelly has been cultivating her relationship with the world through travel, cooking and exploring the High Sierra Mountain range. She believes you should be adventurous in life as well as in your portfolio.

Kelly received her degree in Journalism with an emphasis in advertising from the University of Nevada, Reno. She then went on to portfolio school in Chicago where she focused on typography, layout and concept, and interned with Lester and Lucy Press where she cultivated her love for print and letterpress. Since then, she’s moved back to Reno where she’s impressed the local community with her award winning design. Kelly respects the craftsmanship and artistry her industry is capable of and this reflects in her work and her attention to detail. She likes to incorporate the human touch into her work. A person with incredible people skills, she is able to envision how people will interpret and react to design in a way that is the most beneficial for the client.

Working at Stan Can Design™ satisfies Kelly’s thirst to ponder design all day long. Not just from a designer’s point of view, but also how design influences people, customers and culture.

Kelly is the Vice President of Reno-Tahoe AIGA, the professional association of design.

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