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New Year, New Brands.

January 1st might have been eight days ago, but if you ask us, the New Year doesn’t begin until we survive the first week back to work. While we sip our third cup of coffee before 10am, many of our beloved clients are starting fresh this year with all new brands and logos to stand behind by the Stan Can Design™ team. Let’s take a look at some of our best rebrands from 2014.

Red Line Design, LLC

The Case: Red Line Design, LLC originally started as a boutique interior design firm for one Sarah G. Stevenson. As Sarah developed her business, she gained a network of followers devoted to her personal art blogging and creative newsletters that emphasized personal exploration. After the first of many successful Create.Explore.Discover. Art Retreats, Sarah wished to shift the focus of Red Line Design, LLC to art and creative exploration.

The Solution: A business that’s all about personal exploration deserves an extra personal logo. To convey the same sort of intimacy and humbling nature of Sarah’s work, Kelly Wallis hand-lettered an original wordmark for Red Line Design, LLC. Furthermore, the “line” of Red Line Design, LLC has a creative mind of its own. It wraps around, fills, and explores the space of various paper materials and packaging for the brand. “The result is a logo that reads ‘Red Line Design,’” said Stan Byers. “But really says ‘Meet my good friend, Sarah.”


Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.15.39 PM

Clark/Sullivan Construction

The Case: A collaborative team of competitors who enjoy working with people, Clark/Sullivan Construction were looking to shed the hard-bid construction company image that they wrongfully earned whilst wading through the construction industry’s recession issues. At the same time, owner B.J. Sullivan also is looking to transition his company to a shared endeavor amongst C/S leaders as he plans to retire.

The Solution: It was clear to us that the new Clark/Sullivan logo not only needed a vibrant and progressive look, but it also had to be something of an insignia to rally troops behind as the company transitions ownership. The result is a shape that exudes both the business purpose and mentality – on separate planes! From one angle, a building block conveys Clark/Sullivan’s mission to create facilities that communities can be proud of, while the upward pointing arrow from another angle denotes the positive and progressive impact that C/S works to achieve with their projects. It’s all done in an energetic Sparks green in a tribute to the city that their headquarters resides in. Their new website is on the way as well, so check back soon!


CWX Architects

The Case: CWX Architects is a young, Midtown-based architectural firm that continues to blossom under the leadership of owner and lead architect, Carlin Williams. Using innovative delivery methods and an eye for timeless design, the firm sought to call attention to their strengths while developing a brand that would help them gain work outside of Carlin’s established business connections.

The Solution: Of course, Stan Can Design is also a fan of timeless design, and so we set to work on a logo that conveyed this to CWX’s prospective clients. Hard, straight lines pay tribute to the history and craft of architectural design. Along with geometric shapes and an easily readable typeface, CWX now sports a fresh logo that is just enough old school and the perfect amount of new hotness.


Fifty South Virginia

The Case: You might not have heard of Fifty South Virginia yet, but you might have heard of the old post office in downtown Reno. Thanks to the efforts of developer and project manager, Bernie Carter, the old post office is now Fifty South Virginia, a wonderfully historic and reimagined business space that stands as Reno’s beacon of revival. Originally finished in 1934, the structure has been sympathetically renovated to not only maintain its original charms, but also to restore those that were lost over the years. The final step was a cohesive brand, logo, and website in order to market to prospective tenants.

The Solution: With a space full of so many special and historic insignias, designs, and symbols, there was no shortage of inspiration for Fifty South Virginia’s new look. We eventually narrowed it down to a classically patriotic shield that pays homage to a symbol used on buttons for one of the building’s marble walls. Speaking of walls, the green used as the logo color is actually the same pale green of the terracotta walls used on the outside of the building. Other than tribute, the shield has been slightly updated to be used in today’s marketing world and is now an easily stamp-able design that should last another 80 years. It doesn’t get much more timeless than that.

FSV_Logo_Horiz_F_v copy 9

FSV_Logo_Vert_F_v copy 9


Ludmila CPA

The Case: It would have been easy for Ludmila Smith-Popper to establish her career on nothing more than her skill as a CPA. In 2005, she was the highest scoring CPA candidate in the State of Nevada and, within a short time, rose to partner of a Reno accounting firm. Instead, she established her success on fostering 1-on-1 business relationships with her clients and believing that hiring a CPA is always a positive experience, despite others’ reasons for doing so. It was clear that we needed to make this the center of conversation while crafting a strong brand image to allow her to continue expanding her client base, eventually venturing into different regional markets.

The Solution: Despite questions to do otherwise, we advised keeping Ludmila’s first name as the company name. It’s much more personal than the typical “Collins, Jones, Stevens” accounting firm model that we all seem to be a bit tired of. The use of all lower case was a conscious choice, working with the traditional typography to give off a friendly vibe. The plus symbol indicates a partnership with Ludmila herself, talks about accounting in its most simplest form, and seamlessly segues into their tagline, “Where success adds up.”

LUD_COLORLOGO_F-01Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 2.23.24 PM

Stan Can Design™ takes home two more awards.

daveyAwardsIt’s always nice when work we’re especially proud of gets some serious recognition. It’s even better when the awards have a little more meaning to them than “good job.” Our campaign elements for Artown 2013 and the Fag Diva™ logo were both recently awarded Davey Awards.

The Davey Awards represent excellence in marking communication from firms who excel through big ideas rather than big budgets. The Davey Awards award outstanding marketing tactics from smaller firms and agencies from across the nation, the “Davids” of creativity, they say.

“It’s nice to see how our work stacks up on the national level. We really appreciate what the Davey Awards stand for and we’re very proud to win on our clients behalf.” said Stan Byers, president of Stan Can Design™.

This is the fourth year in a row Stan Can Design™ has produced campaign elements for Artown. Artown’s mission is to strengthen Reno’s arts industry, and enhance its civic identity and national image by encouraging local artist participation and highlighting the best performers in northern Nevada.

Fag Diva™ was a project for our friend, Beth Luna. When she’s not practicing family law in Reno at The Luna Law Firm, Beth works to change the stigma following straight women with gay male best friends, or “fag hags”.

When Beth came to us with this idea of changing how women like her are viewed, she told us “I’m not a fag hag, I am a fag diva.” That’s when we hit our big, red easy buttons and got to work on logo design for the new brand.

Take a trip from fine art to fab logos and check out our award-winners!

Hunter & Company’s New Logo

At Stan Can Design™ we make listening to clients our top priority. It’s important that the client acknowledges we understand their issues and desires and that we provide a personal experience for them.

However, often times what the client desires doesn’t exactly solve their dilemma. It takes our experience and knowledge to steer their ship in the right direction, and from there they’re free to reach their full potential as a business. That’s exactly what happened with our client, Hunter Compo

She runs Hunter & Company, an event planning and design business based in Lake Tahoe, California, owned by Hunter Compo. From corporate events to weddings, Hunter & Company can deliver a professional, detailed and timely event experience.

“I met Hunter at the Hunter & Company launch party at Truckee River Winery over this past summer,” said Kelly Wallis, designer at Stan Can Design™. “She expressed to me that she was unhappy with some previous logo and branding work, and we connected from there.”

Our design team used mood boards to pinpoint the feel that Hunter & Co.’s creative should exude. We designed one mood board based around what Hunter told us she wanted, and a separate mood board based on a direction we thought was best for her business. She immediately felt a connection with our advised look and feel.

Stan Can Design™ produced business cards, envelopes, stamps, an email signature, and all the other necessary branding materials for a successful event planning service.

Take a look below at some samples of our work for Hunter & Company. If you like what you see, visit or follow Hunter on Facebook to see just how much she likes her new brand!

Bicycleray™ Logo Series: Finale

Ray has decided on a logo and color combo! In his original request, Ray sent us an image of Chip, perched in the wheel of his bike. This was Chip’s favorite place to relax and take in the scenery in Ray’s bike garage. So, we did exactly that, perched him in the wheel!

The typeface used in the logo is Metro Script by Michael Doret.
We can’t wait until his personalized truck is finished, up and running and visiting you!

Bicycleray™ Logo Series: Part Three

So, in Part Three of the Bicycleray™ Logo Series, we’ve got Chip going. Craig’s hand is probably bleeding at this point! He’s done over 150 “Chip” illustrations to show his diversity. Pretty impressive.

We’ve included as part of this series our process, sketch, sketch and more sketching. Then computer production, maybe, if your sketches are complete. We usually choose 10-15 sketches to comp on the computer, see where that development takes the logo and then refine until there are only 3-4. We also design in black only for the first few revisions. As you probably already know, if it doesn’t work in black, it doesn’t work.