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Myranda Rogers - Designer

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Myranda will never forget the first time she designed something.

Around the same time we were catching rolly polies and demanding ponies at our birthday parties, Myranda was having her work used in an ad for Tyson.

No, seriously.

As a cheery 10-year-old spending days without a babysitter at her mother’s agency in Missouri, Myranda was routinely given projects by the company art director, unknowingly flipping one into a real piece of design for a real client. The best part is she was paid by the agency in horse riding lessons, which is probably the most elaborate plan to get a pony for your birthday after all.

It’s no wonder Myranda would go on to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design at the University of Arkansas and stick around to design collateral for official school promotions, leading the design department after just one year there.

After an agency internship in her final semester, she began a full time design career that saw her lending her skills to clients like Walmart, Murphy USA, Mattel, and Heineken.

Smart, savvy, and all smiles, Myranda now brings her love of great design, and especially great type, to Stan Can Design. Her style is equal parts fundamental and daring, with a dash of “Hey, let’s try this,” sprinkled in for good effect. She’s a student of great typography and especially loves tackling the daunting task of large scale editorial layout.

Fresh from the rolling highlands and vast deltas of Arkansas, Myranda’s now smitten with the towering peaks and alpine lakes of the Sierra Nevada. When not hiking new trails and kayaking around Lake Tahoe, you’ll find her painting in the evenings, horseback riding with her husband, Reed, and aspiring to be one of those old ladies with a weekly card game night.

Powerful, Intelligent, Timeless.