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Hunter & Company’s New Logo

At Stan Can Design™ we make listening to clients our top priority. It’s important that the client acknowledges we understand their issues and desires and that we provide a personal experience for them.

However, often times what the client desires doesn’t exactly solve their dilemma. It takes our experience and knowledge to steer their ship in the right direction, and from there they’re free to reach their full potential as a business. That’s exactly what happened with our client, Hunter Compo

She runs Hunter & Company, an event planning and design business based in Lake Tahoe, California, owned by Hunter Compo. From corporate events to weddings, Hunter & Company can deliver a professional, detailed and timely event experience.

“I met Hunter at the Hunter & Company launch party at Truckee River Winery over this past summer,” said Kelly Wallis, designer at Stan Can Design™. “She expressed to me that she was unhappy with some previous logo and branding work, and we connected from there.”

Our design team used mood boards to pinpoint the feel that Hunter & Co.’s creative should exude. We designed one mood board based around what Hunter told us she wanted, and a separate mood board based on a direction we thought was best for her business. She immediately felt a connection with our advised look and feel.

Stan Can Design™ produced business cards, envelopes, stamps, an email signature, and all the other necessary branding materials for a successful event planning service.

Take a look below at some samples of our work for Hunter & Company. If you like what you see, visit or follow Hunter on Facebook to see just how much she likes her new brand!

A tiny touch of gold makes a world of difference.

For over a year, Stan Can Design™ has been working with Dr. David M. White, DDS branding his dentistry business. David is the kind of client everyone wants. He understands the value of a brand and he lets the designers do the designing and sticks to what he knows best, teeth and politics. This type of working relationship allowed us to create a brand that reflected David’s public and personal image and character, providing him with a logo and business system he was proud to say was his. It also helps that he has great taste.

His visual identity is based on David’s roots, here in Northern Nevada and his mission; to help fellow Nevadans maximize their full potential through providing Education, Health and Public Service.

“The moment I knew I had made a good investment in my business and myself was in Washington D.C.” said David.

While at the Dental Association Leadership Conference, David, Chairman of the Political Action Committee of the Nevada Dental Association, found himself mingling with lobbyists, congressmen and senators.

“I handed my business card to a fellow lobbyist, just as we were about to exchange salutations and he stopped, looked at the card and said “This is by far the most stunning (business) card I have seen from a dentist, or anyone, ever.”"


We designed the stationary set with the typefaces Copperplate and Gotham on Neehah Classic Laid, in Ivorystone to create a classic, balanced system. Adding just a touch of gold foil communicates the regard for craftsmanship and tiny details.

Paper Inspiration #51: Truth + Dare Brochure

“The truth is — as points out – this tidy, carry-in-your-back-pocket printed portfolio was a great way for “stan can design” to showcase his design and advertising expertise as well as his approach to that work.” – PaperSpecs Gallery

Lou Dorfsman’s Card

Quite while ago I attended the ADAC conference in Sacramento (maybe 1995?) and the Keynote speaker was Lou Dorfman. I have his business card here as proof. Proof that the I am a total design nerd and nothing will stop me from asking a design legend for their business card.

This is the beginning of a series of posts sharing some of my favorites from my business card collection.

Story goes—We were standing in the Men’s room in front of the urinals and he said to me “Quite a trip taking a leak right next to Lou Dorfsman?”, I guess the my fandom was showing. After washing our hands I asked him for his business card. He seemed quite impressed that I did (I guess not a lot of us business card collectors out there?) he even offered to take me to lunch.

I’ll never forget that it was his 75th birthday and he choose to spend it at a Design Conference 3000 miles from home and spent a little bit of time with me. I suspect he had a bit of design nerd in him too.

Lou’s card is printed one side, 1 color engraving on a light cover weight cotton sheet. It was considered inelegant back in the day to have a thick card. He said that his partner Harry Zelenko did the hand-lettering. Holy crap!  look at it here enlarged:

Julie Ardito Public Relations Stationery

I completed this job last Spring and I forgot how much I like it. Simply two colors of ink on French Specktone ® paper with a couple of surprises in the layout. (You will have to ask Julie for one of her cards)

It used to be that French Papers were very difficult to get a hold of and use in small quantities. At least here in the boonies. Now, it is easy to purchase and use in small quantities. They are also great people to work with. Check out their website:

Client: Julie Ardito Public Relations
Calligraphy: Janey Saavedra, Stan Byers
Printer: Registered Ink
Paper: Speckletone, French Paper Company