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The Honorable Judge Byers

pdf_logo_colourAdd another to the list of award shows vying for Stan’s judging eye. Stan recently judged The Communicator Awards, honoring excellence in marketing and communications.


trophyStan is eligible to judge as a member of the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, an invitation only organization that selects only the top professionals in their industry. It’s a nice compliment and recognition, but it’s also a lot of responsibility, as Stan’s asked to uphold a certain standard of creative excellence.


With all this judging Stan’s doing, we’re hoping he doesn’t show up to work in black robes and a powdered wig on Monday.


You can check out the Communicator Awards online and see this year’s winner’s gallery.


So you can skate, but how are your grades?

14_DavidMWhite_SKATE_Poster8.5x11_FOUTWe’re always working to improve our community, and one way we do that is by doing great work for great causes. We’re shining our spotlight on the David M. White D.D.S. “Making the Grade” Scholastic & Amateur Skate Contest.

For many kids, this skate competition is one of the only ways they get out and compete with peers, fostering a healthy, competitive youth community with every heat. More importantly, this contest places a scoring emphasis on contestant’s grade point averages, which are factored into final scores. Bad grades = bad score, and vice versa.

Each year, we design the poster and spirit gear for the competition, which awards a first place prize of paid entry to Woodward Skate Camp this summer. With strong ties to youth health through skating and academics, it’s a no-brainer that we’d be in on something this awesome.


We’ll see you there this weekend at Mira Loma Skate Park, June 21, at 10am. Drop in to Making the Grade’s website for details on how to enter and becoming a sponsor.

Stan Byers to Receive the Thomas C. Wilson Lifetime Achievement Award

StanByers1Awards are not always a sign of success. Things like a client’s pride in their new logo are what tell us we’re doing something right. However, the gravity of certain awards cannot be denied and deserves to be celebrated.

We’re pleased to announce that AAF Reno will be honoring our own Stan Byers with the Thomas C. Wilson Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Ad People of the Year Awards Ceremony.


The award is given to those who “have made significant contributions to advertising, been active in furthering industry standards and creative excellence,” and they must have “shown a consistently high degree of excellence in the field over time, coupled with strong community involvement.”


Sound like anyone you know? So, to what does Stan owe his success?


“All I really did was show up to work every day,” Stan said. “This award recognizes all the great clients I’ve had, the great people and places that I’ve worked with, and my family. Without them, none of this happens.”


Even though we’re honoring the life of Stan’s career, he says he’s not headed out to pasture yet.


“It’s more exciting than it’s ever been,” Stan said, “and I’m truly enjoying doing great creative more than ever.”


The award will be presented to Stan during AAF Reno’s Ad People of the Year awards ceremony, June 24 at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino. The show is open to members and nonmembers alike, so come out and support Stan for this wonderful honor!


Stan Can Design™ feels the love.

The goal of the 2014 Stan Can Design™ Valentines Day campaign was simple: to make Valentine’s Day about valentines again, and not about romantic obligation. Your response made us all warm and fuzzy inside, with various social media shares, email responses, and a number of old fashioned “thanks”.


That response reached further than just our ears. We are both proud and thankful to announce that the Stan Can Design™ 2014 Valentines Campaign has been nominated for an ACE award by the Reno Tahoe Chapter of AMA!


What makes this nomination so special is that AMA crowdsources their entries, rather than making companies pay to submit them. That means our 2014 valentines were nominated because YOU, the people, love them. Yea, that was a caps lock, bolded, italicized “you”. It tells you how seriously we take this love.


We’ll find out the results on June 26th at the Freight House District, but no matter what happens we appreciate the love and feedback we’ve received from friends, family, and clients on this little project.


And we love you too.


Using our design powers to do good.

When we’re not busy helping our clients, renowiredlogothe staff here at Stan Can Design™ loves to help and develop our community through involvement with AIGA and AAF, and pro bono work for the organizations who need it most. The latter is why we love and are excited for this year’s Reno Wired, and seeing our own Kelly Wallis participate!


Reno Wired is a 24-hour rebranding marathon that honors and selects one local nonprofit to receive a total brand overhaul. Partnering with Reno Type, this year’s nonprofit will receive tons of expert creative and marketing work from the area’s best designers, writers, coders, strategists, and digital pros. And it’s all on the house


“It’s unfortunate, but many nonprofits struggle to achieve their goals without some professional help,” Wallis said. “That’s why Reno Wired is so awesome, it gives us the chance to ensure these organizations meet their goals, which drastically improves our community.”


This year’s selected nonprofit, The Ridge House, is a local substance abuse treatment and re-entry organization. Through their therapeutic programs they change the behavior of offenders, prevent future offending, and contribute toward the overall safety of our community. Today might be the last day to check out their website before it gets a makeover!

The event begins today at 8am at the Reno Collective. You can volunteer at their website or help in other ways like donating meals, coffee, tea, and the other things that keep creatives ticking – mostly Red Bull and Girl Scout cookies