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I do… I did… I can.

Here are a few examples of the
work that Zephyr Press produced lately.
I really enjoyed working on these.
Kurt and Jim did a great job printing them!

BTW: If you are interested in letterpress printing for any
type of communication let me know I can get you a discount!

Something old. Something new.

I recently completed naming and visual branding for Zephyr Press. The company “specializes in design and letterpress printing of distinctive wedding announcements and stationery systems.”

The name refers to the Zephyr wind of Greek mythology and the local Washoe Zephyr of Mark Twain fame. Kind of neat being able to kill two birds with one stone with the name.

Something new? The type is a fairly recent face by Emigre called Filosofia. It is a contemporary interpretation of Bodoni.

Something old? The illustration is by Geo. Bickham or one of his scribes from the late 1700’s. It comes from a clip-art collection by Dover Books. Clip-art or not they it is perfect! The only way I could imagine it a little better is if Mark Summers illustrated it.

Here is an ad that I am working on right now. Still needs some work, but you can see the context.
It sure is nice to work on projects like this! Make me feel lucky to be a designer. I will post some of the Zephyr Press portfolio soon.