Stan Can Design awarded Gold, 5 Silvers at District 14 American Advertising Awards

ADDY season continues to roll on for Stan Can Design!

After eight entries took home gold or silver at our Local Reno ADDY awards, they were automatically entered into the District 14 American Advertising Awards, going up against all winning entries from northern Nevada and northern California.

Of our original eight, six were selected, including a Gold Regional ADDY awarded to our work for EMPLOYERS® Insurance! Regional Silver ADDYs are eligible for judging at the National American Advertising Awards, while Gold ADDYs are automatically entered.

Take a look at the winning entries below and stay tuned for any news from Nationals in June!

District 14 Gold ADDY: Elements of Advertising - Art Direction

District 14 Silver Addy: Collateral Material - Cover, Editorial Spread - Series
Reno Philharmonic

District 14 Silver Addy: Direct Marketing - Direct Mail Campaign
Reno Philharmonic

District 14 Silver ADDY: Collateral Material - Stationery Package
Fifty South Virginia

District 14 Silver Addy: Out-of-Home Poster

District 14 Silver Addy: Advertising Industry Self Promotion - Online Interactive