A More Positive State: 2015 RSCVA Radio

Positively Electric

When we designed this year's RSCVA campaign, "Positively Electric", the narrative of the print ads took on one of new nightlife, an evolving food scene, and craft beer industry that's becoming it's own excuse for a weekend away. The ads were lit up with bright smiles, brighter lights, and the brightest future any destination in the west has right now.

When it came time for radio, we shifted our focus from a place of electricity, to one of positivity. All those previously mentioned happenings that have Reno Tahoe USA on the up and up, combined with our classic world-class event schedule, make this town a haven of good vibes and happiness all year round.

We wanted our radio spots, placed entirely in bustling, busy, overcrowded California markets, to bust through typical radio clutter and create a sense of longing for just one good weekend out of town.

Take out a yoga mat, find your center, put in some earbuds, and let these spots take you to your happy place.