A Year on Main St.

Some projects, by degree of their nature, take some serious triage and time before we're ready to stamp the Stan Can Design™ seal of approval on them. Between searching for the right photography, doing the proper amount of research, and putting our design expertise to work for 12 separate months, the annual EMPLOYERS® calendar becomes a yearly adventure that we're both excited and proud to take on.

For the 2014 calendar, the concept decided on was "Main St. USA". Main St. is the heart of business in the U.S. It's where cities are founded and where populations and economies begin. It's something that EMPLOYERS®, as "America's small business insurance specialist", can easily and proudly identify with.

Each month featured 12 different business districts in the U.S. These Main Streets were complemented by wonderful watercolor and pencil illustrations by our friend, Jeff Hickman, that served as the visual theme of the calendar. The result was a delicate balance of classic illustration and modern photography for something that was powerful, intelligent and timeless.

We tied each month together with both informative copy by Jonelle Moore and contemporary facts. It conveyed the significance of these specific business hubs through well-thought stories of the start of a beverage giant or the inspiration behind Disneyland's own architecture.

If you haven't gotten yourself a copy yet, check out some samples below and visit EMPLOYERS® to get in touch with them.

And we love you too.