It’s something she’s learned to love in a lifetime spent bridging the gap between art and design. When she’s not blowing glass, splattering paint, or bending metal to her will, she’s putting pencil to paper to find simple, elegant solutions in design.

And when we say lifetime, we mean it. Molly began creating at a young age before apprenticing under an interior designer while in college. Halfway through school, she traded swatches for serifs on her way to a degree in graphic design before freelancing for the next 15 years.

During that time, she channeled her hands-on creativity into intelligent designs for the food and beverage, personal wellness, healthcare, and construction industries. Her versatility was on full display once she started at Stan Can Design, seamlessly transitioning to designs for tourism, insurance, and tech sectors.

And not many designers understand the needs of small business quite like Molly. That’s because somewhere in those 15 years of freelancing, Molly found the time and energy to open her own juice and smoothie shop in Sacramento. Of course, she designed the brand herself.

But no matter how much she has on her plate, there’s always room for art. Molly weaves in and out of various mediums, other times combining them for exciting new creations. The latest is an 8 foot tall, freestanding Victorian dress made entirely of stainless steel silverware. To date, she’s had over 25 gallery art shows, with no signs of stopping soon.