What else would you expect from the small-town Ohio kid who grew up with his hands in the pastry case at his parents’ donut shop, his feet at the skatepark, and his heart at the bowling alley? Even when he wasn’t turning sugar-highs into frontside slashers and picking up 2-10 splits, he was honing an unlikely byproduct of those diverse interests: a love for illustration and design.

By the time he had graduated from The Art Institute of Seattle, Anthony‘s style was firmly cemented in the sweet spot between feel and function. There’s energy and attitude in plenty of his stuff, but he knows exactly when to dial it back for the right project. That understanding is what makes him the kind of designer businesses want leading their brand. 

And lead he has. Anthony’s spent the last nearly 20 years creating eye-popping brands, visual systems, and printed pieces for just about any industry you can think of, picking up plenty of Local, District, and National American Advertising Awards along the way. 

His secret? 

“I try to make art cool enough for my kids to get excited about.”

Of course, a couple decades worth of graphic design experience means he’s no one-trick-pony. He’s added skills to his design repertoire like customers picking flavors for a baker’s dozen. A little web design here, plenty of specialty printing, and – ooh, how about some of that entertainment design way in the back? 

Anthony’s love for variety has made him an expert at showcasing the unique traits behind each of the brands in his portfolio. It could be the casually diverse charm of an international music fest, the do-good hope of an inspiring non-profit, or the hazy, electric grooves of ZZ Top*.

It goes without saying that Anthony’s personal tastes are as much a mixed bag as his professional ones. He’s equally at home blasting Judas Priest and crushing Golden Girls reruns as he is brushing up on the works of Saul Bass and Charlie Harper.

But one thing does remain constant, and that’s the love and joy Anthony has for his family. His biggest hero remains his wife, Andrea, and his biggest design hero is his son, Hudson. But his youngest, Hadley? She’s the all-around superheroine of the group.

* yes, that ZZ Top.