Stan Can Design™, a Reno-based graphic design and advertising firm, announces the acquisition of a full-time office dog, Murdock Sieracki, as part of a package deal in the hiring of designer Andrew Sieracki.

At 10-years-old, the Staffordshire-Pit Bull mix is entering his first position as a full time office dog. Though inexperienced in the role, the team at Stan Can Design believes he’s already showing the traits needed.

“Murdock is a perfect culture fit for what we do here,” said Stan Byers, principal of Stan Can Design. “He shows up for work every day with tons of enthusiasm and always seems eager to please.”

Murdock’s abilities range from dropping toys at the feet of other employees to sniffing the same pole by the coffee shop every morning. He’s also comes as an experienced napper.

“It’s Murdock’s napping prowess that’s caught our attention”, says copywriter Brian Mann. “When he’s really passed out, he’ll start dreaming and do these little doggy yelps in between his snores. It’s impressive stuff.”


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