In-depth: Rebranding Red Line Design, LLC.

How do we rebrand Red Line Design, LLC, what started as a boutique interior design firm, into a brand synonymous with intimate events, creative exploration, and personal art by Sarah G. Stevenson? After initial attempts to try revising the current redlinedesign® logo, the look just felt too corporate. It didn’t speak to those familiar with her work as Sarah G. Stevenson and didn't communicate what was special about the brand.

We worked to craft a visual identity that spoke on a personal level. We explored using handwriting instead of established type faces to tell people that this brand was about one person's art. Our senior designer, Kelly Wallis, lent her steady hand in developing a wonderful cursive foundation for the logo. "When people see handwriting, it feels much more inviting and humble to them," Kelly said. "People immediately recognize that this is not some big-box corporation."

Sticking to Sarah's pillars of personal exploration and creativity, we gave life to the “line” of redlinedesign®, allowing it to explore and roam freely across her new packaging and stationery. Along with a web and social update that put her art in the spotlight, Sarah now has a complete brand identity to carry her business into what looks to be a promising year: this is the first year her Create.Explore.Discover Art Retreat will feature multiple dates.

What seems like a two step process on paper was actually a lengthy, but highly rewarding strategic challenge in business rebrand. Whenever we work with clients we know personally, we want the result of our work to speak of that client the same way we would. In this case, our goal was a logo that reads "Redline Design" but says "Meet my good friend, Sarah."

Check out the redlinedesign® website, where you can view Sarah’s photo and illustration collections and follow her blog for daily creative inspiration.

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