Stan Can Design™ feels the love.

The goal of the 2014 Stan Can Design™ Valentines Day2014 Stan Can Design™ Valentines Day campaign was simple: to make Valentine’s Day about valentines again, and not about romantic obligation. Your response made us all warm and fuzzy inside, with various social media shares, email responses, and a number of old fashioned “thanks”.

That response reached further than just our ears. We are both proud and thankful to announce that the Stan Can Design™ 2014 Valentines Campaign has been nominated for an ACE award by the Reno Tahoe Chapter of AMA!

What makes this nomination so special is that AMA crowdsources their entries, rather than making companies pay to submit them. That means our 2014 valentines were nominated because YOU, the people, love them. Yea, that was a caps lock, bolded, italicized “you”. It tells you how seriously we take this love.

We’ll find out the results on June 26th at the Freight House District, but no matter what happens we appreciate the love and feedback we’ve received from friends, family, and clients on this little project.

And we love you too.