Using our design powers to do good.

When we’re not busy helping our clients, renowiredlogothe staff here at Stan Can Design™ loves to help and develop our community through involvement with AIGA and AAF, and pro bono work for the organizations who need it most. The latter is why we love and are excited for this year’s Reno Wired, and seeing our own Kelly Wallis participate!

Reno Wired is a 24-hour rebranding marathon that honors and selects one local nonprofit to receive a total brand overhaul. Partnering with Reno Type, this year’s nonprofit will receive tons of expert creative and marketing work from the area’s best designers, writers, coders, strategists, and digital pros. And it’s all on the house
“It’s unfortunate, but many nonprofits struggle to achieve their goals without some professional help,” Wallis said. “That’s why Reno Wired is so awesome, it gives us the chance to ensure these organizations meet their goals, which drastically improves our community.”

This year’s selected nonprofit, The Ridge House, is a local substance abuse treatment and re-entry organization. Through their therapeutic programs they change the behavior of offenders, prevent future offending, and contribute toward the overall safety of our community. Today might be the last day to check out their website before it gets a makeover!

The event begins today at 8am at the Reno Collective. You can volunteer at their website or help in other ways like donating meals, coffee, tea, and the other things that keep creatives ticking – mostly Red Bull and Girl Scout cookies.