No Slippy gets solid footing on the web.

The holidays draw nearer, so we've got more friends of Stan Can Design™ that make great gifts. Not only is No Slippy Hair Clippy incredibly fun to say (no, seriously, give it a whirl), but it's also one of the handiest gifts you could get for a new parent and their little girl.

The original no slip hair clip had already spread their legs and made themselves comfortable in the market with a unique product. Their website, however, wasn't nearly as cute as the bows and headbands they sell.

We redesigned the No Slippy site with a clean layout, adorable visuals, social media connectivity, and an easy-to-use shopping experience that helps moms and dads find the perfect headwear for their perfect little angel.

If you still have some shopping to do for any new parents, or maybe the particular toddler who needs more out of her hair clips, head over to the No Slippy site. Happy Holidays!