Kaylyn’s the kind of visual rebel every agency needs on their staff – and every client wants on their side.

She’s spent most of her life honing her unique brand of illustration and design: bold, minimal, and full of attitude. Perfect for demanding a double take.

This illustrator extraordinaire is as versatile as she is skilled. Her drawings can range from defiant pop art heroines to cartoon rhinos in business suits, each of them displaying the same level of emotion and energy that makes her style so wonderful.

Her versatility and knack for powerful visuals translate perfectly into her role as a designer at Stan Can Design. She’s created rich, eye-catching work for non profits, tech companies, tourism destinations – just about anything she can get her hands on.

And Kaylyn herself is as unique as her work. You’d never expect this board-game-conquering, outfit-slaying, self-described comic book nerd to have been captain of her junior varsity wrestling team. Then again, neither do her challengers. She remains undefeated at parties.

When she isn’t sharpening colored pencils and flipping sketchbook pages for clients, Kaylyn and her husband share in their creativity through community art classes. That’s when they’re not exploring new destinations or breaking records at your local puzzle room.


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