Sure, every news station says you can trust them. But how many can back it up? Using whip-smart copy, telling readership statistics, and a headline that can’t be bothered with subtlety, we extend the KUNR brand into new territory with a bold and distinct claim. This campaign included a heavy social media spend and an on-campus poster run while reaching potential listeners in two languages and across 15 listening frequencies for the station.

Western Turf

Inspired by head-scratching tales of real life customer struggles, Next Day Delivery entertains with the absurd side of DIY while still showcasing Western Turf products and services. It’s all to make sure viewers know one thing: that some things are better left to the pros.
Just as in past years, we felt it was our job to create a campaign that makes school feel fun, fresh, and vibrant. Something that makes getting up for 8am summer classes sting a little less (and walking across the stage a semester early feel even better.) The idea of stickers to spread our messaging hit all those notes, so we set out to design and illustrate over 30 stickers to create the campaign.


Reno Philharmonic
The Reno Phil’s direct marketing campaign extended the new brand’s influence while also promoting their hallmark concert series, Classix. The design closely followed the style established in other Classix materials that used striking photos of Northern Nevada’s natural landscape.
Circus Circus Reno
With free circus acts, a sprawling midway, hundreds of new and classic slots, and 6 great dining options, the Circus Circus is always a win win. We worked with the great Bill Mayer to illustrate these joyful little ‘toons.
City of Reno
The “We Love This Place” campaign for the City of Reno was devised as a way reinstill pride in the city. Signs were placed unannounced on traffic poles in popular areas of Downtown, The Riverwalk, and Midtown. Signs of the Holidays was our festive take on the beloved original. Signs of the Holidays was awarded “Best of Show” and “Social Relevance” awards at the AIGA WorkShow.
The Salvation Army of Reno
There are some things you’ll only find at the Salvation Army. That funky dress, those heels straight out of a Blondie music video, and the peace of mind knowing your purchase helps those who need it most.
Civic Missions
When’s the last time you told a teenager to do something and they did it? In order to increase voting rates among youths, we told America’s most rebellious exactly what they wanted to hear (along with a challenge they couldn’t ignore).
Kiley Ranch
A community with the humblest of roots. A wholesome place to start, build, and live: Kiley Ranch is a truly master planned community. Endearing family, charming copy, and letters from Mr. Kiley himself add an infectious warmth to a cohesive campaign.
SPCA of Northern Nevada
The SPCA’s “Love Life” campaign is a testament to the shelter’s “no kill” policy and reminds us that saving a pet’s life can improve the quality of yours. Discover the amazing powers of puppy breath!
Sure, other places have events, but nowhere comes close to the jam-packed special event season in Reno Tahoe. This part event calendar, part print campaign is chock-full of contrast, ambition, and ideas for a damn good time.
Nevada Department of Public Safety
Truckers are a no-nonsense type. The type that doesn’t mind a bit of brutal honesty. The best way to tell these road warriors the dangers of not wearing a seat belt is tell it like it is.

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