design thinking

Stan Can Design™ believes in the process, and especially the outcome, of Design Thinking. Despite its name, Design Thinking is not just limited to designers or the disciplines of design. Instead, it focuses on clarifying and working towards a goal, rather than solving individual problems. There are times where it makes sense to truncate the process, usually when we’re not in a position to start from “Step 1”. Otherwise, it’s a versatile and highly successful formula that we apply universally to what we do. Whether it’s a print ad, a national marketing campaign, or research into new initiatives, we’re firm believers in the efficacy of Design Thinking.


Clarify Vision, Goals, Values
Research needs and perceptions
Interview decision makers
Evaluate existing efforts and competition




Analyze discovery
Synthesize discovery
Additional research
Study / Explore




Brainstorm ideas
Initial designs / Prototyping
Present concepts/designs






Build synergy
Finalize designs/concepts
Distribute applications
TESTING / Review performance

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