Armando & sons

At Armando & Sons, respect is not given. It’s eaten. 

This new take on a classic trade combines the old world service and craft of a gourmet butcher with the carefully curated inventory of a fine foods grocer. And if reading that made your stomach cry out in anguish, don’t fret. You can sample their mouthwatering selection firsthand at the in-house burger and sausage bar.

Armando & Sons gets its name from the legendary men who started the Flocchini Family’s fine food enterprise in 1934. The brand’s visual identity hearkens to the butcher shops of the same era while still feeling contemporary enough to lead in this one. 

The tagline, “Con Brio!”, is both a nod to the family’s Italian-American roots and a promise of quality. To do something con brio means to do it with gusto. To do it with all your damn heart, whatever “it” is. For Armando & Sons, that’s respect for butcher craft, quality product, and outstanding service. 

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