Recently, we gave an informal debut of the new brand for Dragonfly Energy, one of our newest clients and also one of Reno’s most promising new tech startups, at their new facility grand opening.

Dragonfly Energy researches, develops, and distributes lithium ion battery technology: green, renewable energy storage for large vehicles like RVs, trailers, and boats, and for off-grid purposes. Not only are these batteries safer for the planet, but they last longer and outperform their competition while costing less in the long run. Basically, while everyone else is trying to “go green”, these guys are making green go.


In designing their brand, we wanted to give them something that aligned with their aspirations – these guys are looking to go global, and do it fast. We also wanted something that would be powerful, intelligent, and timeless enough to grow along with their company.



Three simple lines and all lower-case Lubalin Graph as the typeface creates a truly timeless look that’s both personal and universal.



Their tagline, “Limitless green energy,” adds a cheeky preview of their services by alluding to lithium’s periodic symbol, Li.



Their new website extends the brand and does so with a narrow focus of seeking investors and distributors of their technology. The site showcases their product, features an extensive FAQ on why lithium ion is the future of battery tech, and why Dragonfly Energy is kicking the most butt at making it.


With a rock-solid brand and a killer new site, these guys are already gearing up for a battery brawl with some company named Tesla. Subjectively, we like to think they’re already winning the battle of brands.

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