While everyone is still lamenting the age of the millennial, Generation Z has quietly become the largest demographic cohort in America, occupying 25% of the population. These are the young adults you’ll find in universities just like the University of Nevada, Reno, and they’re the exact target market of UNR’s 365 Learning programs.

UNR’s 365 Learning offers students year-round opportunities to earn credits toward their degree and at their own pace. Summer Semester, Wintermester, early Freshman Start, evening studies, and online learning all fall under the umbrella of 365 Learning.

Each year, 365 Learning updates their look and feel to build interest and spread awareness to students looking to get ahead or catch up on their degree. So not only did we need designs that attracted the Gen Z crowd, but we needed to get them excited about taking extra classes at school. No small feat.

With design thinking, it was easy to put ourselves in the shoes of students today. The last thing a college student, or even a hopeful college student, wants to hear is how taking extra classes is “good for them” or “a smart move.” It needed to feel fun, it needed to feel empowering, and, frankly, it just needed to feel cool.

The 2018 curriculum’s identity focuses on the classic look of vinyl grooves to give just that feel. A little vintage, a lot modern, and plenty more exciting than an 8am Core Humanities class over summer break.

Bold color schemes stand out in poster and digital outdoor forms, while also being a little tougher to throw out in the direct mail pile. We all know how picky young adults can be about their clothes, so t-shirt designs were kept simple and attractive.

The concept needed to be versatile enough to shift from Summer Semester to Wintermester, then back to Summer Freshman Start, but solid enough to hold its form and maintain the look and feel.

Learn more about 365 Learning on the University of Nevada, Reno, website and keep your eyes peeled for the 2019 campaign later this year.

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