We’ve Been Busy

Look, there’s no way around this, so we’re just going to come out and say it: it’s been a minute.

But while we’ve been away from your feed, we definitely haven’t been away from our desks. We’ve been hard at it, noses to the grind, hustlin’ hard – just like everyone else it seems. Besides every other business we know being busier than all get-out, NASA went ahead and made oxygen on Mars, capybaras took the power back, scientists discovered that cheese isn’t actually bad for you (still reeling from this one).

Our big accomplishments? Staying safe, creating great work, and doing what we can to keep our partners in business. No small feat, given the circumstances, and something we’re endlessly grateful for.

Pour something over ice, kick your feet up, and catch up with everything happening in Stan Can Land. 


Reno Tahoe

Bandwango isn’t just a blast to say. It’s a way for destinations to offer immersive mobile tour experiences to their visitors. Think of it like a handheld digital guide that lets you explore a city’s curated picks for art, food, and more at your leisure. Oh, and usually at a discounted price. 
Reno Tahoe’s foray into the Bandwango platform puts its Meetings & Conventions demo in focus, offering incentives for attendees who show their convention badge at participating tour stops. Each icon is a contemporary mosaic made with custom digital illustration and chock-full of what to expect from each tour. Bandwan-go here to see more.


Majestic Marble & Tile

Anyone who tried to renovate their home in 2021 would know: it was a big, big year for materials providers. This made a lot of the small and medium companies, like Majestic Marble & Tile, take a good look at their brand to find room for improvement.
What Majestic lacked in brand identity, they made up for in brand equity. They’ve been bringing luxury design and materials into homes around the region for 20 plus years. We brought a little of that promise into the logo with an elegant “M” made of marble columns and archways. The red tile-like pieces act as anchors in the logo form and in various elements of the system. Right this way, your highness. 


Evo Electric

It wasn’t just materials in high demand last year. People, businesses, and cities had big plans and a helping hand making them happen. I guess that much time inside will do that to ya. And for businesses looking to tighten up the electrical side of things, EVO Electric provides that spark. 
Along with their testing company, ETCx, EVO Electric employs a holistic approach to electrical contracting services, providing businesses with wiring, maintenance, testing, and optimization services. We kept some pieces of their old brand intact while giving them a bold, yet capable face lift for the future. Plug in here.


Western Turf & Hardscapes

You’d be surprised what the DIY crowd would do to save a little dough. Western Turf & Hardscapes has seen it all. That’s why they offer Next Day Delivery on all their products – even if their customers don’t always use it.
Inspired by head-scratching tales of real life customer struggles, Next Day Delivery entertains with the absurd side of DIY while still showcasing Western Turf products and services. It’s all to make sure viewers know one thing: that some things are better left to the pros. Roll up your sleeves and watch these.


Reno Tahoe

The sheer number of reasons to hold your next meeting or convention in Reno Tahoe is staggering. Every year, we do our best to fit all of them in an easy-to-watch video that’s just as easy on the eyes. 
Thankfully, we have the team at Little Wild on our side. We worked closely with them and the Reno Tahoe team to highlight all the incentives, benefits, and attractions that take meetings and conventions to the next level. Check it out here.


Reno Tahoe

It’s hard enough capturing the essence of a destination in a single print ad. One page to convince anyone who reads that it’s worth a visit is no cake walk. But convincing them to visit in a pandemic? Now that’s a tough sell. 
But if there’s any place that’s perfect for a safe, socially distanced getaway, it’s Reno Tahoe. And this continuation of their award-winning brand campaign proves it. With more fun per 6 ft than anywhere else in the west, you’ll find plenty of ways to get out, get away, and stay healthy. And yes, we did just make up that stat. Click it into gear.

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