Let’s start by saying he’s one hell of a guy. He’s the kind of legendary human that always has your back. We know, we’ve worked with him for four years. In fact, it’s his anniversary, and a special announcement is about to take place.

But what does any of this mean for you? In a nutshell: Brian’s attention to detail is second to none. He knows that great advertising is all about figuring out what makes people tick. And he himself is all about figuring out what makes people tick.

With four years of copywriting and design with Stan Can, Brian has worked with the likes of Reno-Tahoe USA (RSCVA), EMPLOYERS® Insurance, Reno Phil, and Washoe County Health Department. So, whether you need a powerful video segment or an eye-catching headline, Brian’s the person that can make that happen for you in the way you’ve imagined it.
All this is to say “Congratulations, Brian” as you’ve just been promoted to Stan Can Design’s Associate Creative Director. Revel in that, you deserve it.

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