So you can skate, but how are your grades?

We’re always working to improve our community, and one way we do that is by doing great work for great causes. We're shining our spotlight on the David M. White D.D.S. “Making the Grade” Scholastic & Amateur Skate Contest.

For many kids, this skate competition is one of the only ways they get out and compete with peers, fostering a healthy, competitive youth community with every heat. More importantly, this contest places a scoring emphasis on contestant’s grade point averages, which are factored into final scores. Bad grades = bad score, and vice versa.

Each year, we design the poster and spirit gear for the competition, which awards a first place prize of paid entry to Woodward Skate Camp this summer. With strong ties to youth health through skating and academics, it’s a no-brainer that we’d be in on something this awesome.

We'll see you there this weekend at Mira Loma Skate Park, June 21, at 10am. Drop in to Making the Grade’s website for details on how to enter and becoming a sponsor.
Making the Grade