Pray for Snow Campaign Featured in VMA Article.

Well, despite this real bummer of a drought, your prayers have kept the spring ski season alive at least until the end of this month. But it seems there was enough prayer to have even been heard west of the Sierra. The kind folks over at VMA Storyboard wrote a feature article on the Pray For Snow Campaign and our recent creative awards. It's a great article that takes you from the early beginnings of the campaign to where it is now, and where it's going.

VMA Storyboard is a service of the Visual Media Alliance, a nonprofit trade association dedicated to providing a variety of benefits and money saving programs to visual creative, web media, marketing, and print businesses in Northern and Central California and Northern Nevada. Storyboard acts as a place to showcase the best of the cross-campaign business to provide inspiration and scope of the industry. Check out the article here and, as always, continue to #prayforsnow.