Pray For Snow wins Gold ADDY

Kelly PeytonFor those who don’t know, the Reno AAF community donned their best-pressed capes and revealed their true identities at the 2014 ADDY Awards last Friday, March 7th. Accolades were passed like drink tokens being slid across the bar, as Stan Can Design™ and our peers received Silver and Gold ADDYs for this past year’s hard work. Speaking of gold, we’d like to focus on a project of ours that took home that shiny, coveted metal Friday night.

Pray For Snow was awarded a Gold ADDY in Consumer Integrated Campaigns and the Pray For Snow Community poster (you know, the one with the neat little pull tabs) won a Silver ADDY as collateral for that campaign! The Snow Deities have spoken! Now if we could just get a couple more dustings before spring hits…

We’d like to thank AAF Reno for putting everything together, The Peppermill for hosting once again, and all the sponsors and supporters for putting on a heroic night of advertising. Check out all the other winners and awards (we’ve got some more in there too) at AAF Reno and stay tuned for more work from us in the very near future.