Tripp Enterprises

Since 1950, Tripp has helped the world’s leading businesses solve their biggest problems with custom manufacturing solutions. That’s a fancy way of saying: they make the stuff that keeps the world running. That “stuff” includes things you never would have known (past versions of the Reno Arch and Times Square New Year’s Eve ball) and contracts with companies you definitely know (Tesla, Boeing, Hamilton).

With a longstanding plastics manufacturing business and a track record for success, the only thing Tripp had trouble making was sense of their brand. We jumped in and asked them to take a step backwards, recreating their classic look from the 50s and updating it for today’s landscape.

Brand identity, logo design, and collateral design for regional design-build leader, Altmann Construction. Founded on Fred Altmann’s love for eco-friendly, craftsman-style homes, Altmann Construction blurs the lines between form and function to create artful residential and commercial structures.

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